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Monday, February 27, 2012

Lana Del Rey to play at the 2012 Sónar Barcelona edition

The acclaimed Lana Del Rey is confirmed for the 2012 edition of Sónar in Barcelona next June as reported today by this festival's organisation. This New Yorker will present live her album "Born to Die", thus joining this event's line-up along with Hot Chip, Fatbot Slim, Metronomy, Mouse on Mars and Squarepusher, among others.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Doc Martens and Swarowski

Doc Martens keeps surprising us with new models. After having launched velvet Docs and combined creepers with Doc Martens soles, this brand is now launching a collection with Swarowski Elements applied manually to both shoes and boots. These upper part of these new models is made with calf leather. The result is a stunning pair of boots with crystals all over. For those looking for a more discrete option, Doc Martens have launched a pair of shoes with a shiny tip and discrete crystals in the back of the shoes.
And to make it even more special, these models come in all-black shoes boxes with silver details, paper tissue and embroidered shoe bag. For Prices range from 325 dollars for the pair of boots pictured here or 125 for the shoes.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

David Sylvian to release a new comiplation

"Orpheus" is one the songs featured in the new compilation "A victim of stars" featuring 30 years os songs by David Sylvian. This double album is being launched months before the new tour by the man who, like someone once said "makes music for those do not fear silence".
David Sylvian is one of the founders of the arty band Japan, a band who took pop too a new level. After the split of this band, thirty years ago engaged in a solo career and teamed up with some of the best musicians in the world such as Mick Karn, Robert Fripp, Jon Hassel, Holger Czukay or Ryuichi Sakamoto.

A packet-boat full of knitted toys

We just loved this knitted toys on sale at the Madrid Fashion Week premises. Fruits, objects, animals, you can find all kinds of wonderfully crafted objects on their site and buy them online Check out the cute monkey, the groovy telephone or the cool computer on their site:

The Misfits

Trendenz is completely addicted to the British TV series The Misfits. Our favourite is Simon, played the the Welsh actor Iwan Rheon, the boy with a great music taste and that Joy Division look resembling that band's singer Ian Curtis. He had that capacity to become invisible in the first two series and later became a true parcours hero, climbing up walls to save our souls.
Check out here the profiles of these heroes here:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Alaska live at The Brandery - Barcelona

She is a true icon and a symbol of that rebel, wild, irreverent and free Spain. After many years performing as just Alaska or Alaska Dinarama she has teamed up with Nacho Canut and formed the electro pop band Fangoria. Trendenz saw this band live at Sónar Barcelona four years ago and was pleased to see them live again in this true celebration, a great glittering, camp and pop performance.

Trendenz on Facebook

Trendenz is now also on Facebook:

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Simple Minds 5 x 5 Live

Lisbon was the first European city to receive a fabulous concert by the Simple Minds tonight, three hours ago. This 5x5 tour focuses on their first 5 albums, the best in this band's career. Forget the FM Rock and catchy tunes. Jim Kerr and his mates covered their most iconic albums from "Life in a Day" to "New Gold Dream" and made no concessions, thank God. "Promised you a miracle", "the American", "I travel" and "Factory" were some of the great tunes in this concert and "Love Song" and "Someone Somewhere in Summertime" were the best moments for the Lisbon audience. A concert that managed indeed to bring back the fans who had given up on this band when they decided to make music for the masses. But there is hope again for this band. And a word of advise - do not expect to listen to cheesy tunes such as "Don't you forget about me" as they did not play them in Lisbon and chances are that they will not play them in the coming gigs on this tour either.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The return of Simple Minds

Simple Minds, one of the most iconic bands from the eighties are back on the road for a number of concerts from Portugal to Ireland, through to Norway, Denmark, Germany or Italy. But this is not a simple return as the band promises to play 5 songs from each of their first albums. That is a smart move and a good way to bring back old fans who have deserted the band after the album "Sparkle in the Rain", from 1984. This tour sounds like a reconciliation and an great opportunity to listen to great themes such as "The American", "Love Song", "I Travel" Someone somewhere in summertime" or "Up on the catwalk". As far as Trendenz is concerned they should focus on their 5 landmark albums alone, play all the songs from "New Gold Dream" and "Empires and Dance" and leave the songs they have launched after 1985 for the masses, for the open air concerts. After all hardocre Simple Minds' fans will be there to listen to a band which was at some point one of the best in their lot, together with Echo and The Bunnymen, The Cure, Psichedelic Furs or Siouxsie and The Banshees, just to name a few.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sónar festival travels the world

Cape Town, Tokyo, São Paulo, and Barcelona. Sónar, the huge acclaimed electronic and advanced arts festival will take place in four four different cities in 2012. These are the cities selected for this year after previous events in places such as United States, South Korea, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, Portugal, the United Kingdom or Argentina in a total of 31 events worldwide.
The first Sónar festival to be held this year outside the Spanish borders will take place in Cape Town and feature names such as Modeselektor, Byetone or Brodinski, along with local South African names. This African edition of "A Taste of Sónar" will be hosted in collaboration with the event Design Indaba and will take place on March the 2nd.
The next stop in Sonar’s world adventure will be Tokyo and will feature names such as Squarepusher or The Cinematic Orchestra or Vincent Gallo and other Japanese artists.
São Paulo, the booming Brazilian city will receive sonar for the first time on May 11 and 12. According to this festival's organisation, this will be "the largest of all the events organized by Sónar outside Barcelona". This festival will feature names such as Mogwai, Jeff Mills, Squarepusher, Björk, Justice, Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto, James Blake, Four Tet and Modeselektor.
In June Sónar will return home and take place as usual in the Catalan city of Barcelona in the usual Sonar Day venues at the cultural centre of Barcelona CCCB and Sónar Night at Fira Barcelona. The names confirmed so far for Barcelona are Fatboy Slim, Hot Chip, Richie Hawtin, Deadmaus or James Blake among others.
This important festival has an attendance of 90 thousand people per edition. This is limit set by the organisation. Hence book in advance, buy the ticket, and book a hotel room or a holiday apartment so as not to miss a bit of this festival which attracts a huge crowd with an average turnout of 40 per cent foreigners who flock to Barcelona from all corners of the world.